Privacy Policy

Data protectionThe use of the website of the Tyre Planet LTD is basically possible without providing any personal data. Unless a data subject would like to use our company's special services via our website, However, processing of personal data may become necessary. Is the Processing of personal data is necessary and there is no such processing legal basis, we generally obtain the consent of the data subject. The processing of personal data, for example the name, address, email address or telephone number of a data subject, is carried out in accordance with the requirements the General Data Protection Regulation and in accordance with the data protection regulations applicable to the Tyre Planet LTD. By means of this Our association would like to inform the public about the nature, scope and purpose of the data protection declaration inform us of processed personal data. Furthermore, affected people informed about their rights by means of this data protection declaration. Tyre Planet LTD is responsible for processing Numerous technical and organizational measures implemented to ensure the most complete Ensure protection of the personal data processed via this website. Nevertheless, internet-based data transfers can generally have security gaps, so that absolute protection cannot be guaranteed. Because of this, it suits everyone data subject free, personal data also in alternative ways, for example by phone to send to us.

  1. Definitions The data protection declaration of the Tyre planet LTD is based on the Terms used by the European directive and regulation giver when issuing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) were used. Our privacy policy is meant to easy to read for the public as well as for our members and business partners to be understandable. To ensure this, we would like to use the terminology used in advance explain. In this data protection declaration and on our website, we use, among other things, the following terms:
  2. Personal data Personal data is all information that relates to an identified or identifiable natural person (hereinafter referred to as "data subject"). One becomes identifiable viewed natural person, directly or indirectly, in particular by assignment to an Identification such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identification or to one or more special characteristics that express the physical, physiological, genetic, psychological, economic, cultural or social identity of this natural Person who can be identified. 2A. Affected person Affected person is every identified or identifiable natural person whose personal data are processed by the controller.
  3. Workmanship

    Processing is any operation performed with or without the help of automated procedures or anysuch a series of operations in connection with personal data such as the collection, theCapture, organize, organize, store, adapt or change thatReading, querying, using, disclosing through transmission, distribution oranother form of provision, matching or linking, restriction,Delete or annihilation.

  4. Restriction of processing

    Restriction of processing is the marking of stored personal data with theAim to limit their future processing.

  5. Profiling

    Profiling is any type of automated processing of personal data that consists of that this personal information is used to identify certain personal aspects that refer to a natural person, especially to consider aspects related to Work performance, economic situation, health, personal preferences, interests, Analyze the reliability, behavior, location or relocation of this natural person or predict.

  6. Pseudoscience

    Pseudonymous is the processing of personal data in a way that the personal data is no longer one without using additional information can be assigned to the specific data subject, provided that they are additional Information is kept separately and technical and organizational measuressubject to ensure that the personal data is not an identified or identifiable natural person.

  7. Responsible or responsible for processing

    The person responsible or responsible for processing is the natural or legalPerson, authority, agency or other body, alone or together with others about the, The purposes and means of processing personal data are decisive. Are the purposes and means of this processing by Union law or the law of the member statesgiven, the person responsible or the specific criteria can Designation according to Union law or the law of the member states.

  8. Contract Processor.

    The processor is a natural or legal person, authority, institution or other Body that processes personal data on behalf of the person responsible.

  9. Recipient

    The recipient is a natural or legal person, public authority, agency or other body whichpersonal data will be disclosed, regardless of whether it is a third party acts or not. Authorities that are part of a specific investigation order after the Union law or the law of the member states may receive personal data, however, are not considered recipients.

  10. Third party

    Third party is a natural or legal person, authority, institution or other body besides the data subject, the person responsible, the processor and the persons working under are directly responsible for the controller or processor, to process the personal data.

  11. Willing Statement
    1. Consent is voluntarily informed by the data subject for the specific case A wise and unequivocal expression of will in the form of an explanation orother clear affirmative action by which the data subject indicates that they consent to the processing of their personal data.
    2. Name and address of the person responsible, Responsible within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation, other in the member states of the European Union data protection laws and other provisions The data protection character is: Tyre Planet LTD 61A Bailey Street Ebbw Vale NP23 4HB Telephone:01495315468 Email:
    3. Name and address of the data protection officer

      Our association is due to the number of employees from the designation of a Data protection officer exempt.Every data subject can contact them directly at any time with any questions and suggestions regarding data protection contact the management of our association.

    4. cookies

      The website of the Tyre Planet LTD uses cookies.

      Cookies are text files that are stored on a computer system via an Internet browserand saved.

      Numerous websites and servers use cookies.

      By using cookies, the Tyre planet LTD can Provide users of this website with more user-friendly services that do not require cookies would not be possible. By means of a cookie, the information and offers on our website within the meaning of Be optimized by the user. As already mentioned, cookies enable us to use our Recognize website. The purpose of this recognition is to allow users to use it our website. The user of a website that uses cookies must For example, do not enter your access data every time you visit the website because this from the website and the cookie stored on the user's computer system is taken over. Another example is the cookie of a shopping cart in the online shop. The Online shop remembers the items that a customer has placed in the virtual shopping cart Cookie. The data subject can set cookies through our website at any time prevent a corresponding setting of the internet browser used and thus the setting object to cookies permanently. Furthermore, cookies that have already been set can be accessed at any time via an Internet browser or other software programs are deleted. This is common in all Internet browsers possible. The person concerned deactivates the setting of cookies in the Internet browser used may not be all functions of our website fully usable.

    5. Any conclusions about the peCollection of general data and information The website of the Tyre Planet LTD records with every call the website by a data subject or an automated system general data and information. These general data and information are in the Log files of the server saved. The (1) browser types and used can be recorded Versions, (2) the operating system used by the accessing system, (3) the website, by which access system accesses our website (so-called referrer), (4) the Sub-websites that are accessed via an accessing system on our website, (5) the date and time of access to the website, (6) an Internet protocol address (IP address), (7) the internet service provider of the accessing system and (8) other similar ones Data and information relevant to security in the event of attacks on our serve information technology systems. When using this general data and information, Tyre Planet LTD does not draw rson concerned.
    6. registration

      The data subject has the option of visiting the website for processing Register the responsible person with personal data. Which personal data are transmitted to the controller,results from the respective input mask used for the registration. The of the Personal data entered will only be used for internal purposes Use collected by the controller and for own purposes and saved. The controller can forward the data to one or more Order processor, for example a postal service provider, who the personal Data also exclusively for internal use, that for processing Responsible. By registering on the website of the controller, furthermore, the IP address assigned by the data subject's Internet service provider (ISP), the date as well as the time of registration. This data is saved before Background that this is the only way to prevent misuse of our services, and this data If necessary, enable crimes and copyright violations to be investigated. In this respect, the storage of this data is to safeguard the controller required. In principle, this data will not be passed on to third parties, provided none there is a legal obligation to disclose or to disclose criminal or legal proceedings serves. The registration of the data subject with voluntary provision of personal data serves the data controller, the data subject content or services Offer, which are only offered to registered users due to the nature of the matter can. Registered people have the option to use the information specified during registration personal data completely from the database for processing Have those responsible deleted. The person responsible for processing grants any data subject at any time on request about which personal data about the data subject are stored. The controller also corrects or deletes personal data Desire or notice of the data subject, insofar as no legal There are conflicting retention requirements. The management and all employees of the controller are related to the data subject available as a contact person.

    7. Routine deletion and blocking of personal data

      The controller processes and stores personal data of the data subject only for the period of time required to achieve the storage purpose or if this is done by the European guideline and regulation provider or another Legislator in laws or regulations, which of the data controller is subject to, was provided. If the storage purpose is omitted or is running from the European directive and regulation provider or another competent legislator prescribed retention period, the personal data is routinely blocked in accordance with legal requirements or deleted.

    8. Rights of the data subject
      1. Right to confirmation Every data subject has that which has been granted by the European directive and regulation giver Right to ask the controller to confirm whether they are relevant personal data are processed. An affected person would like this You can exercise your right of confirmation at any time to an employee of the contact the controller.
      2. Right to information Every person affected by the processing of personal data has that of the European Guidelines for directives and regulations granted at any time by the for processing Responsible information free of charge about the personal data saved to receive personal data and a copy of this information. Furthermore, the European Guideline and regulation provider of the data subject Information about the following information granted:
        • the processing purposes
          • The categories of personal data that are processed
          • the recipients or categories of recipients against whom the personal data have been or are still being disclosed,  especially for recipients in third countries or international organizations
          • If possible, the planned duration for which the personal data is stored or, if this is not possible, the criteria for determining this duration
          • the existence of a right to correct or delete those affecting them personal data or if processing is restricted by the Controller or a right to object to this processing.the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority
          • the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority
          • The existence of automated decision-making, including profiling

Article 22 paragraphs 1 and 4 GDPR and – at least in these cases – meaningful Information about the logic involved as well as the scope and the intended Effects of such processing on the data subject The data subject also has the right to information as to whether personal data is availablea third country or to an international organization. If so, so the data subject also has the right to information about the appropriate guarantees in theGet related to the transmission.If a data subject wishes to exercise this right to information, they can do so contact another employee of the controller at any time.

  1. Right to rectification

    Every person affected by the processing of personal data has that of the EuropeanPolicy makers and regulators granted the right to correct them immediately to request incorrect personal data. The data subject also has the rightto, taking into account the purposes of processing, the completion of incomplete to request personal data – also by means of a supplementary statement.If a data subject wishes to exercise this right of correction, they can do socontact another employee of the controller at any time.

  2. Right to deletion (right to be forgotten)

    Every person affected by the processing of personal data has that of the EuropeanPolicy makers and regulators granted the right to require the controller to:your personal data will be deleted immediately if one of the following reasons apply and insofar as processing is not necessary:

    • The personal data was collected for such purposes or for other purposes Processed in ways for which they are no longer necessary.
    • The data subject withdraws their consent on which the processing was based Article 6 (1) (a) GDPR or Article 9 (2) (a) GDPR, and there is no other legal basis for the processing.
    • In accordance with Art. 21 Para. 1 GDPR, the data subject objects to the Processing, and there are no overriding legitimate reasons for theProcessing before, or the data subject submits in accordance with Art. 21 Para. 2 GDPR Objection to processing.
    • The personal data was processed illegally.
    • The deletion of personal data is to fulfill a legalObligation required under Union law or the law of the member statesto which the person responsible is subject.
    • The personal data were collected in relation to the services offered by the

Information society in accordance with Art. 8 Para. 1 GDPR. If one of the above reasons applies and a data subject deletes personal data that are stored at the Tyre Planet LTD are saved, you can contact another employee of the contact the controller. An employee of the Tyre Planet LTD will arrange for the request to be deleted immediately is complied with. Did the personal data from the Tyre Planet LTD made public and our association is responsible as per Art. 17 Para. 1 GDPR Obligation to delete personal data is the responsibility of the Tyre Palnet LTD. taking into account the available technology and the Implementation costs appropriate measures, including technical ones, to others for the Responsible for data processing, the published personal data process, notify that the data subject of these others for the Data processing controllers responsible for deleting all links to these personal Has requested data or copies or replications of this personal data, insofar as the Processing is not necessary. An employee of the rubber business development company LTD will arrange the necessary in individual cases. 1. Right to restriction of processing Every person affected by the processing of personal data has that of the European Policy makers and regulators granted right by the controller the restriction to request processing if one of the following conditions is met:

  • The data subject disputes the accuracy of the personal data, for a period of time that enables the person responsible to verify the accuracy of the check personal data.
    • The processing is unlawful, the data subject refuses to delete the personal data and instead requests restriction of use of personal data.
    • The person responsible needs the personal data for the purposes of Processing no longer, but the data subject needs it to assert, Exercise or defend legal claims.
    • The data subject has objected to processing in accordance with Art. 21 para. 1 DS- GMO is inserted and it is not yet certain whether the legitimate reasons for the Those responsible outweigh those of the data subject.

Provided that one of the above requirements is met and a data subject does soIf you would like to request restriction of personal data stored by Tyre Planet LTD, you can contact us at any timeContact the employee of the controller. This employee will be the Arrange for processing to be restricted.

1. Right to data portabilityEvery person affected by the processing of personal data has that of the EuropeanGuidelines for directives and regulations grant the right to personal data concerning you, which have been made available to a person responsible by the data subject, in one structured, common and machine-readable format. She also has the right this data to another controller without hindrance from the controller, the personal data were provided, provided that the processing on theConsent in accordance with Art. 6 Para. 1 Letter a GDPR or Art. 9 Para. 2 Letter a GDPR or is based on a contract in accordance with Article 6 (1) (b) GDPR and the processing is carried out with the help of Automated procedure takes place, provided the processing is not for the performance of a taskis necessary which is in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority,which was transferred to the person responsible.Furthermore, when exercising their right to data portability in accordance with Art.20 (1) GDPR, you have the right to have the personal data sent directly from youResponsible to another responsible person, as far as this is technical is feasible and unless this affects the rights and freedoms of other peoplebecome.The data subject can exercise their right to data portability at any time to an employee of the Tyre Planet LTD.

2.Right to Dispute Every person affected by the processing of personal data has that of the European Policy makers and regulators granted right, for reasons that arise from their particular Situation arise at any time against the processing of personal data concerning you on the basis of Article 6 (1) (e) or (f) GDPR to lodge an objection. Tyre planet LTD processes personal data in the event of an objection, no longer, unless we can provide compelling legitimate grounds for to demonstrate the processing, the interests, rights and freedoms of the data subject prevail, or the processing serves to assert, exercise or defend Legal claims. In addition, the person concerned has the right, for reasons that arise from their particular situation against the processing of personal data concerning them, which is carried out by the Tyre Planet LTD for scientific or historical research purposes or for statistical purposes in accordance with Art. 89 Para. 1 GDPR, to object, it is because such processing is for the fulfillment of a task in the public interest required. To exercise the right to object, the data subject can contact one directly Employees of the Tyre Planet LTD contact. The data subject is also free to use information society services, Regardless of the directive 2002/58 / EG, your right to object by means of automated procedures exercise where technical specifications are used.

3.Automated decisions in individual cases including profiling Every person affected by the processing of personal data has that of the European Guidelines for directives and regulations granted, not one exclusively on one automated processing – including profiling – subject to a decision that have legal effect on you or similarly significant if the decision (1) does not affect the conclusion or performance of a contract between the data subject and the controller is required, or (2) due to Union or member state legislation to which the controller is subject is permissible and this legislation takes reasonable measures to safeguard rights and Contain freedoms and the legitimate interests of the data subject or (3) with express consent of the data subject. Is the decision (1) for the conclusion or performance of a contract between the affected Required person and the person responsible or (2) it takes place with the express consent of affected person, Tyre Planet LTD meets appropriately Measures to protect the rights and freedoms as well as the legitimate interests of those concerned To protect a person, including at least the right to obtain intervention from a person of the person responsible, to state their own position and to contest the decision heard. If the data subject wishes to exercise rights with regard to automated decisions, it can contact an employee of the person responsible for processing at any time turn.

4. Right to withdraw consent under data protection law, Every person affected by the processing of personal data has that of the European Policy makers and regulators granted the right to consent to processing revoke personal data at any time. If the data subject wishes to exercise their right to withdraw consent, they can To do this, contact an employee of the controller at any time.

9 Data protection for applications and in the application process The controller collects and processes the personal data of Applicants for the purpose of handling the application process. Processing can also be based on done electronically. This is especially the case if an applicant appropriate application documents electronically, for example by email transmitted to the controller. Closes the for processing Responsible for an employment contract with an applicant, the data transmitted to Purposes of processing the employment relationship taking into account the legal Regulations saved. If the person responsible for processing does not Employment contract concluded with the applicant, the application documents will be six Automatically deleted months after notification of the rejection decision, provided that it is deleted there are no other legitimate interests of the controller. Other legitimate interest in this sense is, for example, an obligation to provide evidence in one Procedure according to the General Equal Treatment Act (GETA).

10 data protection provisions on the application and use of Google Analytic (with Anonymous function) The controller has the Google component on this website Analytic s (with anonymity function) integrated. Google Analytic s is a web analytic s service. Web analysis is the collection, collection and evaluation of data about the behavior of Website visitors. A web analysis service collects data about, among other things which website a data subject came to a website (so-called Referrer), which sub pages of the website are accessed or how often and for which Length of stay a bottom was considered. A web analysis is mostly used Optimization of a website and used for the cost-benefit analysis of internet advertising. The operating company of the Google Analytics component is Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheater Pkwy, Mountain View, CA 94043-1351, USA.

The data controller uses the for web analysis via Google Analytics Addition "_gat._anonymizeIp". With this addition, the IP address of the Internet connection is Data subject is shortened and anonymity by Google when accessing our website from a member state of the European Union or from another contracting state of the Agreement on the European Economic Area. The purpose of the Google Analytics component is to analyse the flow of visitors to our website Website. Google uses the data and information obtained, among other things, to: Evaluate the use of our website in order to provide us with online reports showing the activities show our websites, compile, and more with the use of our To provide website related services. Google Analytics places a cookie on the information technology system of the affected Person. What cookies are has already been explained above. When the cookie is set, Google becomes a Allows analysis of the use of our website. Each time you call up one of the individual pages this website, which is operated by the controller and on which a Google Analytics component has been integrated, the Internet browser on the information technology system of the data subject automatically by the respective Google Analytics component causes data to be sent to Google for online analysis to transfer. As part of this technical process, Google learns about personal data, such as the IP address of the data subject, which Google among others serve to understand the origin of visitors and clicks and subsequently Enable commission statements. The cookie is used to collect personal information, such as the access time, the Location from which access originated and the frequency of visits to our website by the data subject, saved. Each time you visit our website, these are personal data, including the IP address of the person used Internet connection, transferred to Google in the United States of America. This Personal data is processed by Google in the United States of America saved. Google gives this personal data collected via the technical process may be passed on to third parties.The data subject can set cookies through our website, as above shown, at any time by means of a corresponding setting of the internet browser used prevent and thus permanently object to the setting of cookies. Such an attitude of Internet browser used would also prevent Google from placing a cookie on the information technology system of the data subject. In addition, a Google Analytics cookie already set at any time via the internet browser or others Software programs are deleted.

Furthermore, the data subject has the option of recording the data using Google Analytics generated data related to the use of this website and the processing of this To object to data by Google and to prevent such. To do this, the affected Person a browser add-on under the link download and install. This browser add-on communicates Google Analytics via JavaScript, that no data and information about visits to websites is sent to Google Analytics may be transmitted. The installation of the browser add-on is contradicted by Google scored. If the data subject's information technology system becomes a later one Deleted, formatted or reinstalled at the point in time must be repeated by the person concerned The browser add-on is installed to deactivate Google Analytics. Unless the browser add-on is by the data subject or another person within their sphere of control can be assigned, uninstalled or deactivated, there is the option of reinstalling or reactivation of the browser add-on. Further information and the applicable data protection provisions of Google can be found at and at Google Analytics is under this link explained in more detail.

12 data protection regulations for the application and use of YouTube The controller has components from YouTube on this website integrated. YouTube is an internet video portal that video publishers hire for free Video clips and other users who are also free to view, rate and review Commenting this enables. YouTube allows the publication of all types of videos, which is why complete film and television programs, but also music videos, trailers or by users home-made videos are available on the Internet portal. YouTube is operated by YouTube, LLC, 901 Cherry Ave., San Bruno, CA 94066, USA. YouTube, LLC is a subsidiary of Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheater Pkwy, Mountain View, CA 94043-1351, United States. Each time one of the individual pages of this website is called up, which is processed by the Is operated by those responsible and on which a YouTube component (YouTube video) was integrated, the Internet browser is installed on the information technology system of the data subject automatically caused by the respective YouTube component, a Representation of the corresponding YouTube component to download from YouTube. Further Information about YouTube can be found at become. As part of this technical process, YouTube and Google become aware of Which specific subpage of our website is visited by the data subject. If the person concerned is logged in to YouTube at the same time, YouTube recognizes with the Calling up a sub page that contains a YouTube video, which specific sub page of our Visited the person concerned website. This information is provided by YouTube and Google collected and assigned to the respective YouTube account of the person concerned. YouTube and Google always receive information about the YouTube component that the person concerned has visited our website when the person concerned has The time of accessing our website is logged into YouTube at the same time; this takes place regardless of whether the person clicks on a YouTube video or not. Is a Such transmission of this information to YouTube and Google by the data subject If you do not want this, the transmission can be prevented by preventing yourself from calling logs out of our website from their YouTube account. The privacy policy published by YouTube, which can be found at are available, provide information about the survey, Processing and use of personal data by YouTube and Google.