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Why to choose Tyreplanet's tyre fitting service

Comprehensive customer service - Only at tyreplanet.co.uk you can arrange fitting of the tyres near home.

Convenient shopping - No need to wait for a courier. Your new tyres will be waiting for you at the nearest garage.

Free delivery - Free delivery to assembling stations in the UK mainland. You only pay for products and you pay separately for the fitting at the place of assembly.

Great prices - You don't have to fight to get the lowest price service. We have negotiated the best tyre fitting cost for you.

Convenient location - We cooperate with 1 fitting stations across the country.

Comfortable and clean - Keep your hands clean and let the tyre fitters do the fitting.

You can only collect your tyres from a fitting station if you are having them fitted there.

If you have any queries, please call us on:

01495 315 468

Combine delivery with fitting!

If you run a fitting station and would like to cooperate with us - we invite you to fill in a simple registration form.