Car, Van and Leisure Batteries

Enter your vehicle details to view our range of replacement batteries suitable for your car or van. Buy online and book an appointment for car battery fitting at your local TyrePlanet Centre at a time convenient for you. Our online prices include VAT and apply to retail customers only.

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Buy your battery online and we will fit it for you at your nearest centre- simply choose a fitting date and time convenient for you.

Alternatively, if you know the battery size and specification you need, you can select from our catalogue of batteries available for fitting.

Our online prices include fitting costs and VAT. Prices apply to retail customers only.

Our specialist equipment assesses the condition of the battery and can identify underlying battery faults. Buy a leisure battery for your caravan or motorhome online for collection at your nearest Tyre Planet Centre. Please, we are currently unable to complete battery health checks on hybrid/electric vehicles.

Car Batteries at Tyre Planet Centre

If you require a new car battery, Tyre Planet Centre provides a full car battery replacement service and can environmentally dispose of your old one for you. Your car battery is at the heart of all your vehicle's electrical systems. It is the only source of power to get your car started so you must check yours regularly. Flat batteries are one of the main reasons for breakdown calls in the UK, especially on cold mornings, and you'll only really know something is wrong when your car doesn't start.

If you are at all concerned about the age or charging capability of your car battery, don't leave it until your car won't start, call into your local TyrePlanet Centre and we will carry out a free and thorough check. Find out more about our free car battery testing service.

Leisure Batteries

Tyre Planet Centre also stocks a range of low price leisure batteries suitable for many applications including camping, boating, caravans, and motorhomes. Order a leisure battery online for collection from your nearest Tyre Planet Centre. (Leisure battery fitting not available)

How to maintain your car battery

1.Check the charge: -

Make sure your cell voltage is checked when you have your car serviced. A fully charged battery will have a charge of 12.5 to 12.6 volts. When the engine is running this should rise from 13.7 to 14.7 volts.

2.Condition: -

Inspect your battery every few months to make sure it is clean and secure. An unclean battery connection will weaken the charge, so remove the connectors from the terminal to clear away grease, dirt and dried acid build-up. You could even apply a layer of multi-purpose grease to protect the battery from rust and corrosion.

3.Prevention.: -

As temperatures drop more energy is needed to start the engine. To give your battery a helping hand, ensure all accessories are unplugged and switch off anything else that drains its energy. Get into the habit of turning everything off before you leave your car.

4.Use it or lose it:-

Not driving your vehicle enough can lead to battery problems. Batteries will refuse to work when vehicles have been left standing idle. Equally, if your car is only used for short trips, the battery will not have enough time to recharge, which will ultimately leave it flat.